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On Using Screws, Instead of Rivets

 On Using Screws, Instead of Rivets Some owners ask us about using sheet metal screws, rather than the rivets. To avoid rust (the scourge of car guys), be sure to buy Stainless Steel screws. Also, select Phillips-Head, Pan-Head Screws, as they look better. You can use ½” length or ⅜”(better). The No. 6 diameter fit [...]

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Guide for Selecting Hood Louver Size

 "There Ain't No Substitute for Square Inches"           “Standard-Duty” Conditions Smaller-size of available engines. Very little slow, off-road, or     stuck-in-traffic use.Moderate climate. Little or no towing. Few hills to climb. Vehicle doesn’t frequently run hot in hot weather.       “Heavy Duty” Conditions Here, Better To Go Too Large, Than Too Small! Larger-size of available [...]

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Want Matching Color Rivets or No Rivets at All?

The Pop Rivets – Want to See Them or Not? Your Free Choice! Free choice of Pop Rivets! Stainless Steel Pop Rivets give you the High Performance/Off-Road /Racing/”Aircraft”/ High-Speed look. These are provided, unless you request the “Matching Color” Pop Rivets, below. If you’d rather the Rivets NOT show, and you’re ordering our Black or [...]

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Don’t Worry if the Hood Frame is Under Where You Want to Place the Louvers

WHEN SELECTING HOOD LOUVER SIZE. . . DON’T LOOK AT THE UNDER-HOOD FRAME AND JUDGE FROM THAT! With your hood open, look at the interior Hood support frame. IT IS COMPLETELY SATISFACTORY TO HAVE SOME OF THE HOOD FRAME PASSING UNDER THE HOOD LOUVERS. If so, you can “hold out” or “Swiss Cheese” the hood [...]

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How to Keep Your Tranny Cool and Extend its Life

UNDERHOOD HEAT – IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!! HERE’S WHY. It’s gotten SO hot under the hood, BMW/MINIS have gone to putting a fan on the steering pump, and some Range Rovers have a water-cooled alternator! Crazy! The problems are: 1) Heat is the MORTAL ENEMY of your engine. The higher the temp, the faster engine [...]

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