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Which Hood Louvers Should I Use on My Commercial Van (Like an F-350)?

Truth in Advertising:  “They REALLY cool − and they look GREAT, too!”

Yes, commercial vans overheat!  And when they do, the engine heats up not only the engine compartment – but, also, the cabin!!!

We are pleased to offer you four options:

Option 1          Size Short & Wide Hood Louvers (only 10” long and 19” wide, per louver panel – 2 panels) for the short hoods often found on vans.

Option 2          Some such van hoods are long enough to fit our Size Large Hood Louvers (2 panels, each 17” long by 11” wide).

Option 3          Some vans can even use our Size XL (2 panels, each 21” long x 13” wide, per panel).  These REALLY get the heat out!

Option 4          If your hood is wide enough, you can also run 2 sets of Size Medium, Hi-Flow.  So, moving across the hood from the passenger side to the driver side, they would mount, in this sequence:  Right panel, Right panel, Left panel, and Left panel.

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If you’d like for the Hood Louvers to be ‘invisible’ and blend right in, you can select the

Semi-Gloss Black, for dark-painted vans, or Gloss White for White vans.  Further, if you want the Hood Louvers to blend in, select “Matching Color Pop Rivets – Black for Black and White for White (no extra charge).  On the other hand, some of our Hood Louver owners have white vans and have selected the Semi-Gloss Black – which stand out and transform the van’s appearance, from merely a “street van” – to a sporty-looking vehicle!   In this latter instance, select the Stainless Steel Pop Rivets, which enhance that High-Performance look.

We hope we can be of service to you – and, based on feedback from our many customers across the U.S. and around the world, we know you will be very pleased!

Run cool!