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 Turbo Added + Idaho Heat = One Hot Civic!

Add RunCool Hood Louvers = One Cool Civic!

 “I was a tad skeptical at first, but after installing them (Size Med., Hi-Flow) it blew my mind how well they worked. I am stationed out in Idaho where the summers get hot and stay hot. After turbocharging my Civic, my underhood temps went up, no surprise, and when the hot days of summer came, I was barely able to even touch my hood! After a month of those conditions, my oil began to break down faster than it should have. After I installed your hood louvers the under the hood temps dropped drastically! I was able to lay my hand flat and keep it there. While at stops I could see the heat pouring out of the vents. Thanks for the awesome product!”

    – Daniel C. – Idaho

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 Daniel C Honda Image