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Heavy Rain?  Snow?  Water?  No ProbRainlem!

RunCool® Hood Louvers are in daily, year-round use on thousands of vehicles around the world, in all weather conditions and have been for over 10 years, and we haven’t received a single complaint about any problems caused by water getting on the engine!  We even have plenty in use in Alaska, Canada, Maine, Michigan and throughout the Snow Belt – no problems!

Water coming in through our Hood Louvers doesn’t hurt your engine.  After all, a number of car enthusiasts and professional fleet maintenance facilities wash their engines many times each year, with high-powered pressure-washers (to remove the oil film to avoid engine fires, and to detect oil leaks, early).

Also, remember that many classic cars, from the Model T’s through the fanciest American and European cars of the 1930’s, had Hood Louvers, and many WWI and WWII radial aircraft engines were out in the open, with little protection from rain.  Today, the fastest Ferraris, Aston Martins, Mercedes, and BMW’s have them – as do many race cars. (Why? Because they work!)

As explained in the Installation Instructions, you don’t want water to get on a distributor — but most vehicles built in the past 18 years don’t have a distributor!  If you do, and if the engine is a V8, the Hood Louvers will be outboard of that, so no problem.  Also, consider the alternator – – but in 95% of the cases, the alternator is so far forward that it doesn’t come into play.  Otherwise, the Instructions provided with your Hood Louver set show how to make a rain diverter, if desired (but one is very rarely needed!!).

If the thought of getting water on your engine really freaks you out (unnecessarily!), consider the Size Long Hood Louvers (7 ½”W x 33”L), or the size Semi-Long, Angle Cut (7”x 23”) which can mount outboard of your engine, to avoid this.

Speaking of water…your thoughts turn to rust.  Because we make our famous Hood Louvers out of American Aluminum, and because the pop rivets are either Stainless Steel or Aluminum (for the Black or White pop rivets), EVERYTHING is RUST-PROOF!  We at RunCool® HATE rust – and we’ll bet that you do, too!  So, incoming rain and snow?  NO PROBLEM!  Rust? NO PROBLEM!

Ain’t life grand?!!!