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A Must For All K-9 Vehicles!

The new 2014 Ford “Interceptor” works just fine with Size Large RunCool Hood Louvers!

“Remember that heat injuries are a significant cause of working dog deaths.”

— K-9 Cop Magazine, Jan. 2015

The Dog Has A Gun

“We have pretty hot summers here, and your hood louvers in my Crown Victoria make all the difference for the K-9!  Soon, we’ll be getting a Tahoe, and we will order a set for that!” 
— Officer Pete P., Camack Village Ark., P.D.

“You have to keep the engine cool if you are going to keep the A/C cool, and you have to keep the A/C cool if you are going to keep the dog cool! These do the job!”

— K-9 Officer, Bureau of Land Management,  Arizona

Increase vehicle reliability and performance and improve the service life of underhood components with RunCool patented Hood Louvers. Various types of U.S. Border Patrol vehicles use these in the desert, where the temperatures can reach 150°! They want their Agents to be able to run the A/C (especially with K-9 vehicles) when temperatures reach those high levels.
Four Directions Search, Rescue and Recovery in Colorado says, “It is unbelievable how well they work. I would never believe the difference they could make.” In fact, testing by the Pelion, S.C. Police Department showed our hood louvers lowered under-hood temperatures by 47°.

The best way to cool hot engines!

  • Desert tested and used by the U.S. Border Patrol.
  • “PHENOMINAL…a 47° underhood temperature drop!!!”
  • “26 degree drop on the engine’s temperature gauge.”
  • “They do the job…they cool it right down.”
  • “The engine is much cooler. Thanks for a product that REALLY works!”

Testimonials & Photos

  Price of a replacement K-9:  $5,000 – $15,000.  Price of a set of USBP-Spec Hood Louvers: $179.  Professional Grade, (in White or Black Aluminum).

Made in the U.S.A.!

 Tested and used  by the USBP, DHS, and Police and Sheriff K-9 units across the U.S.

 Any questions???!!!  See: HoodLouvers.com or call (804) 355-1758.  Our customers say, “These REALLY  WORK!”

 Our motto is:  “We ask but to serve.”

For Law Enforcement Officers Only.

RunCool Bumper Sticker

 Free Stickers for your K-9 Unit and/or POV! (Size: 3″ X 9″.)  Just email request for “K-9 Sticker” to Cool@HoodLouvers.com.

“As a K-9 Officer in southeastern Pennsylvania, the weather can get pretty crazy, and the car is always left on. I can already tell a big difference in the vehicle, especially when the A/C is cranking. While sitting at an intersection one day, I could see the heat vapors pouring out from the hood louvers. I would recommend this for all police cars. They are awesome–and easy to install.

“Unfortunately, I have seen a K-9 car overheat and nearly catch on fire. If the handler did not check on the vehicle (with the dog in the car) when he did, his partner would not be here today. I am sure that kind of problem would have never happened with these hood louvers. These are a must have for all K-9 vehicles. I don’t know why all police cars don’t have them.”
– Officer Mikell Jones, Aston Township, Penn. Police Department

“We’ve been successfully using them on our Chargers, and they really let the heat out! Now we’re adding a Tahoe as a K-9 vehicle, and we need a set for it.”
– Chief Don Madger, Beaver, Penn. Police

The best testimony for RunCool Hood Louvers is that the biggest source of new Law Enforcement orders is from Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices that started using them a few years ago. Now they are adding new vehicles to their fleets – and calling up and ordering more hood louvers. . .

The U.S. Border Patrol and Police Department and Sheriffs’ Offices across the country , use our Size Large, Hi-Flow™ Hood Louvers on Crown Vics, Tahoes, Chargers, F-150s, etc., powder-coated white or black to match their vehicles with matching-color pop rivets (included).

Charger – Police Cruiser

Mercury Marauder (Chief’s Car!)

Crown Vic — with our Size Large White Hood Louvers

Another CVPI — with our Powder-Coated Semi-Gloss Black Hood Louvers

Call for the special Law Enforcement Discount Price.

Usually in stock, and we’ll ship them right out, then invoice you. They are easy to install, they work and we are experienced with Law Enforcement agencies!


  • Easy Instructions included.
  • Over 95% of civilian customers install them themselves in their home garage.
  • Most agencies install in their own car shop.
  • Some agencies have their local car shop or tire shop install them.
  • Some officers install them, themselves, at home!

How to Order:
Call for advice and/ordering (804) 355-1758
or email us at Cool@HoodLouvers.com .

6841 FOREST HILL AVE. • SUITE 361• RICHMOND, VA 23225 • (804) 355-1758
Fax (804) 320-3223 • EMAIL: COOL@HOODLOUVERS.COM
RunCool is a manufacturer of hood louvers, hood vents, and accessories to cool your engine.