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With Truck Hood Louvers you can under-do it, but you can’t over-do it!  Heat under your hood is the mortal enemy of your engine and every  component under the hood – you can’t  get “too much heat” out of there! The bigger  the better!  You’ll never  regret it! Dollar-for-Dollar, the best  improvement you can make to your truck!™

1.  Pick-up Trucks

 A.  Non-Turbo 

 1)      For most, Size XL (13” x 21” per panel; two panels) will be ideal.

2)      If not severe use, can use Size L, Hi-Flow (11” x 17” per panel; two panels). Good for most Small Blocks.

3)      Depending on hood contour, consider Size Long (7 ½” x 33” per panel; two panels).  These often fit on the outboard areas of the hood — especially good where the main, central hood area is limited in size due to hood shape/bulge.

4)      For small trucks with a 4-cylinder or small six-cylinder (non-turbo), Size Med, Hi-Flow (9” x 14” per panel) are fine for regular duty.  Size Semi-Long (7” x 22 per panel) also good, if limited off-roading .

 B.      Turbo

 1)      Go as BIG as possible!  Heat from the Turbo (surface temp can exceed 1,000°F!) and Interercooler is so high, get as much  OUT as possible!  We call these “OuterCooler”™ Hood Louvers, for good reason!

2)       Size XL (13” x 21” per panel; two panels) are good!  If power computer chip or in a hot climate and especially if hills, pulling a trailer, etc.,  consider Size XXL (2 panels, each 17” x 28”), if these will fit.  If hood too contoured, consider Size Long (7 ½” x 33” ea. x 2 panels).

2.  Large Work Trucks (e.g., 3500)

 A.      Size XL (13” x 21” per panel; two panels) is a good starting point.

 B.      If big block/turbo/pulling a trailer/hills/hot climate, try going up to Size XXL (17” x 28” per panel; two panels).  There’s no such thing as too-much  Hood Louver area!

 3. Passenger/Delivery Van Hood Louvers/Motor Home Hood Louvers

A.      These are usually limited by a short hood size.

1)       If normal conditions and small-block gas engine, Size M, Hi-Flow (two panels, 9” x 14” each) will be a big help!

2)      To solve the space problem of a short  hood; consider two sets, side by side, of Size Med., Hi-Flow.  For example, on the left side of the hood have two  Left-Hand Hood Louvers.  On the right side of the hood have two Right-Hand Hood Louvers.  This way, with two pairs of Size Med. Hi-Flow, you’re getting plenty  of heat evacuation.

3)      If Turbo or Big Block, see if the Size L (11” x 17”)  or Size XL (13” x 21”) will fit;  if not, use two pairs of Size Med., Hi-Flow.

4)      Also consider our Size Short & Wide.  They fit short hoods and provide about the same-size open area as Size Large.

 4.    Over-the-Road Tractor Trailers

Size XXL (17” x 28” per panel) usually fit fine.  With long narrow hoods, you can also consider running a front  pair of Hood Louvers (e.g., Size L) and a back pair (e.g., Size XL).  Also, consider one or two pairs of Size Long. Also, consider any of these on the vertical sides of hoods to get out that heat!

 5.     Giant Gravel/Quarry Trucks and Stationary Oil-Drilling Trucks

                   See #4, above