Heat is Also the Mortal Enemy of your Transmission!

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Heat is the Mortal Enemy of Your Transmission!

Help prevent a $3,000 transmission rebuild…

 FACT #1 – Heat radiates.

 FACT #2 – Heat from your hot engine and engine bay radiates directly to heat up your

            transmission. At the same time, it heats up your transmission cooler (whether

            separate or part of the radiator). In turn, this heats up the transmission fluid in

            there and the transmission lines (that run through the hot engine bay!).

 Here’s what is said in the catalog of Classic Industries, a major aftermarket auto/truck parts supplier –

            “Did you know that approximately 90% of all transmission failures are

            caused by overheating? When fluid overheats, seals and clutches burn

            out, clutches start to slip, seals harden and varnish forms.  Automatic

            transmissions generate extreme heat during stop-and-go driving, when

            towing or when carrying heavy loads. Once the fluid reaches 200°, it

            deteriorates rapidly, losing it’s ability to cool critical transmission

            components…Reducing the fluid temperature just 20° can actually

            double the life of your transmission.”

 No wonder RunCool® Hood Louver owners also report lower temps of their transmission….and even their transmission humps (inside) the vehicle!