Mike-Yates-2015-Contest-Winner-Louvers-RichmondA couple of months ago I won a set of your 7″x23″ black, high flow Run Cool louvers in a contest you hosted. Since then I have put them on my project car, a ’74 GMC Sprint with a potent 454 under the hood. Prior to installing the louvers I was constantly fighting high coolant temps. I am happy to say that that is no longer a problem! My coolant temps have decreased 40+ degrees. I can feel the heat pouring out of the vents with the car sitting still and the fan running.
The install was pretty straight forward thanks to the “how to” video. One thing I did differently however was to add a small bead of clear silicone inboard of the holes to help keep water from draining in under the louvers. The car is a long way from being finished but at least I can drive it without worry of overheating.

All in all a great product! Thanks so much

Mike Yates

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