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Engine/Cabin Cooling Problems Have Increased – –

Because the Govt. Has Upped the Operating Temps! 

Problem:  Engines now run THIRTY DEGREES hotter!

  • For the first 80 years of gasoline engines, the engine’s standard operating temp. was 180°.

  • For the past 15-20 years, the standard operating temp. has climbed THIRTY  DEGREES HOTTER – – 210°! –

  • ONLY TWO DEGREES BELOW the boiling point of water!!!  Man, that’s hotter!

  • This is due to your Fed. Gov’t.-mandated emissions controls.  Otherwise, no engineer in his right mind would run’ em that hot!   (Would you ?)

  • 20+ years ago if your operating temp hit 210°, you’d be in the red DANGER ZONE on your temp. guage, and you’d cut off  your engine – – to keep from warping the heads and burning it up!

  • Today, that’s where it operates – – ALREADY IN THE DANGER ZONE!!!

  • The PROBLEMS with HEAT. . .

    • High intake temp means a less-dense air/fuel charge entering the engine —  which means less power and lower  fuel mileage!!

    • The heat from the engine “heat soaks” into the firewall and into the transmission hump, and heats them up!

    • This heat radiates into the cabin, heating it up!

    • This also heat soaks into the A/C compressor, A/C lines, A/C dryer and A/C system cooling controls, (all  in that over-HOT engine bay) making them HOT!

    • When they get HOT, you can’t expect them to cool very much!  Heat always yields Hot; Heat never  yields Cool!

    • You want to get that heat OUT!!! 

    • All these problems are multiplied when you. . .

      • Pull a trailer.

      • Sit in traffic.

      • Race or drive off-road.


  1. Heat is the mortal enemy of your vehicle. . . and of YOU  (called “Driver Fatigue”)!!!

  2. RunCool  Hood Louvers , dollar-for-dollar, are the BEST WAY TO COOL HOT  ENGINES™, and everything else in the vehicle, including you!.