Warning: Don’t Put a Cold Air Intake in a Hot Engine Bay!

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( And The Secret to Running Cool!)


            1)         Seems a little stupid to bring cold air into a hot engine bay (often 200 ˚ or more!), where – you guessed it – a Cold Air Intake just becomes a HOT  Air Intake!

            2)         On a hot day when you want cold air coming in, the air isn’t cold, it’s HOT!  Think about it!

            3)         FIRST and FOREMOST, you need to cool down your engine bay – because it is as hot as an oven!

            4)         So, let the heat OUT! Seems basic – but that’s the Secret to Running Cool!

“Lowered Under Hood Temps by 47 degrees!!!”

            Heat rises. Cut off the top of an oven, and the heat escapes!  That’s what happens with RunCool® Hood Louvers. Independent, police testing concludes: “PHENOMENAL!!! Lowered underhood temps by 47 degrees!”  That improves your power, performance, mileage and air conditioning — and extends engine, transmission and all underhood-component life!  So, over time, they actually pay for themselves!


Dollar-for-dollar, they’re the best improvement

you can make to your vehicle!

Desert Proven by the U.S. Border Patrol!

            RunCool Hood Louvers have been desert tested and desert proven, and they’re desert used every day by the U.S. Border Patrol, where the outside summer temps can exceed 125 degrees!  So you know they must be good! They’ve also been tested and proven by winning racers, daily drivers, Police, Sheriffs, street rodders, DHS, truckers, and off-roaders —  from coast to coast and around the world – –  including in the hot spots of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, U.A.E.,  South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. They are known around the planet as “The World’s Leading Hood Louvers!”™

Rocket Science Engineering

Scientifically designed with the help of a NASA Wind Tunnel Air-Flow Engineer, and refined over 20 years of in-use testing and experience, they’re also judged as “The World’s Best Hood Louvers!”™, because they REALLY cool – and look GREAT, too!™

Professional Grade

These aren’t those weanie, plastic things.  No, they are Professional-Grade, made in the U.S.A. of precision, pressure-formed American Aluminum, secured in place with your choice of 3 colors of pop rivets, or, with no rivet holes and with panel-assembly-grade double-side tape.  See over 50 unsolicited testimonials and magazine feature articles about them on our website.  Owners report they work better than adding a high-flow water pump, a new-style radiator, custom fans or an intercooler – and they’re less expensive!

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

For most vehicles, prices run from $129 to $229, and you can choose from 35 sizes/colors.  Select (at no extra charge) Stainless Steel pop rivets, for the High-Performance look; or you can choose the color-matched Black or White pop rivets, so they blend right in, or select the “Smooth Border” mounting (with permanent-hold, under-panel adhesive).  Return in 30 days for full and unquestioned refund if not highly impressed and completely satisfied!

 For size advice, questions and/or ordering, see our website, or call (9 – 5, M – F, Eastern): (804)-355-1758.

Here are two popular sizes:

Size Med, Hi-Flow  9” x 14” per panel (2 included)             $159/set

Size Large, Hi-Flow  11” x 17” per panel (2 included)          $209/set

For Powder-Coated, Semi-Gloss Black or Gloss White, add $20/set. Specify Rivet Color or “Smooth Border” mounting.

UPS Delivery — $12/order (in U.S./48; $40 if outside that).