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“We are a full testing facility. We test tires, vehicles, motorcycles and have some government vehicles as well. Being in south Texas and dealing with the south Texas heat, we are using your hood vents on our fleet vehicles. We have a fleet of over 30 cars, trucks and SUV’s and are always adding to it. We will definitely buy more of your hood vents soon.”
— John R.
Cooper Tire Test Center
— Texas

“Classic Rodders punched louvers in their hoods to help radiate heat. The Old Dads knew what they were doing, and the principle is no less valid today.”
Car Craft Magazine

“When you…cut off the airflow in the engine compartment… You may have a great radiator shroud, but if you can’t get the hot air out, the thing will cook when you are sitting still.”
Chevy High Performance Magazine

“All air flowing into the engine compartment also has to have a path to flow out, or air will stagnate under the hood limiting the flow through the radiator.”
– Consideration for Engine Swaps (Internet)

“The more air that is stuffed into the combustion chamber the better the combustion – more gasoline is burned more efficiently and power output increases…Warm air is less dense than cold air, and that denser air contains more oxygen. More oxygen means better combustibility…Cooler …means denser air in the combustion chamber.”
– J-Rations Magazine

“Hood louvers vent engine heat and reduce pressure in the engine bay, which, in turn, helps increase radiator efficiency. The louvers…

[allow] heat to escape freely. Corvettes have always been hot under the hood and should have used louvers long ago.”
– Greenwood Corvettes

“It’s the high temperatures . . . that usually do the most damage.”

— Consumer Reports, April 2010

“Racers know that a cooler running engine is a better performing engine. Reducing the temperature at which an engine runs will make more power through better thermal and volumetric efficiency.”
Pace Performance

“For every 10° decrease in air intake temp. expect 2% horsepower gains with turbo or super-charged & 1% on normally aspirated. Reduce the operating temperature, increasing power, ensuring consistent performance, and extending engine component longevity.”
– JEGS Performance

“Trail riding is slow riding. Although the fan — electrical or mechanical — will push or pull air through the radiator, you aren’t stuffing cool air through those fins the same as when you’re plowing down the highway. Combine that with the occasional higher engine rpm (versus overdrive cruising) associated with crawling, and you can see that your cooling system must work overtime during prolonged trail riding exercises.”
– J-Rations Magazine

“The hood louvers are WONDERFUL!!!  We had the race car out for the first time since installing them and the louvers

worked to perfection.  I went all the way to the Pro Finals yesterday and we didn’t have to take the hood off once to get the car cool — amazing!”
– Outrageously Vintage Race Team

“We like these vents because they are easy to install and they come powder-coated with clean looking stainless steel pop-rivet fasteners.”
– Four Wheeler Magazine

“The louvers are awesome!!!”

– NBPDP Racing

“The 304 (in the Jeep) puts out a lot of heat and this is a great looking way to get rid of that heat.”


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