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RunCool® Trademarks (Free Gift if You See any Infringements Elsewhere!)

The below-listed trademarks are the property of RunCool® Hood Louvers, and, for many years, have been used in interstate and international commerce in conjunction with our many goods.  Kindly notify us if you notice any infringements/use by other parties of any of our trademarks.  If you are the first to inform us of such, you will receive a free set of your choice of our Hood Louvers!
Thank you!

Cool Down ™ Hood Louvers

Cool Fast Hood Louvers

Cooling-Proven Hood Louvers

Desert-Proven Hood Louvers

Dollar-for-Dollar, the Best Addition You Can Make to Your Vehicle!” ™

Dual™ Hood Louvers


Duals for Your Hood™

Heat Extractor ™ Hood Louvers

HeatEscape Hood Louvers

Hi-Flow Hood Louvers

Max-Flow ™ Hood Louvers

Monster ™ Hood Louvers

Real Hood Louvers

“Run Cool, Look Cool!”

Super-Flow ™ Hood Louvers


“The Best Jeep Hood Louvers/Hood Vents Money Can Buy!” ™

“The BEST Way to Cool Hot Engines!” ™

“The BEST Way to Cool Jeep Engines!” ™

“The Most Cost-Saving Way to Cool Hot Engines!” ™

“The Most-Experienced Hood Louver Company in the World”

“They REALLY cool — and look GREAT, too! ™

“They REALLY work – and look GREAT, too!”

“They Work Because HOT AIR RISES!” ™

WideFlow ™ Hood Louvers

“The World’s Best  Hood Louvers!”