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“My Toyota is a 1987 4Runner that I swapped a Chevy 4.3 TBI V6 into and noticed it was extremely warm under the hood with an all aluminum radiator and headers.  It would also transmit a lot of heat into the cab via the firewall and if it was warm outside 26°C+ (80°F+) I would have a problem keeping the temperatures down below 210°F going down the highway at highway speeds.  Now it stays at 195° all day even when going slow through trails on a hot day.
I am very pleased with these hood louvers.  Quality craftsmanship and attention — very well done and an awesome touch.
Thank you very much for the product and I will definitely be recommending your site and be a repeat customer for other vehicles.”
     — Jordon, Prince George British Columbia, Canada
(See Jordon’s Toyota above with RunCool Size Medium Powder-Coated Black Hi-Flow Louvers.)

A Must for All Toyotas!

 “PHENOMENAL!!!…a 47 degree drop in under-hood temp!” — Chief of Police, Chris Garner, Pelion, S.C.

  • “Dropped 26 degrees on the temp-gauge, under-hood temp even more.”

  • “They do the job…they cool it right down.” (Hot air rises…let it out!)

  • “The engine is much cooler. Thanks for a product that REALLY works!”

  • Desert tested and used by the U.S. Border Patrol. Made in the U.S.A. The best way to cool hot engines!

  • Dollar- for- dollar, the best investment you can make in your Toyota!!! 

  • Improve power, durability, reliability, A/C cooling and battery life!

  • Prices start at $89/set; over 30 models to select. Satisfaction guaranteed!

“I will be putting a coat of flat grey on hood and upper fenders before submitting photos.  I can’t have the whole world seeing those kick-ass black vents on a crappy hood!”

— Danny R. ’95 Toyota 4Runner

 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine
– Get the heat out of your engine bay – 

  • “Based in Vacaville, California and wheeling all over Southern California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, a set of Run Cool hood louvers is an excellent addition to our 1996 Tacoma. They install in a few hours and help reduce engine-killing heat levels by allowing the hot air to rise up and out. Plus, they look really cool.”

  • “One of the biggest issues is the lack of cooling air coming into the engine compartment, causing the engine and components to overheat. But with the help of Run Cool’s hood louvers, you can give air away to circulate through the engine compartment, thus cooling the engine.”

  • “The Run Cool Hood Louvers give an aggressive look to our Tacoma, but far more importantly, they help massively reduce the heat levels in your engine bay. Heat rises, and having a 9″ x 14″ louver on each side of your hood is a lot of real estate to let that hot air escape up and out.”

4WD Toyota Owner – RunCool Hood Louvers Review
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Hot-running Toyotas can run much cooler now with Hood Louvers by RunCool®, as tested and used in the desert by the U.S. Border Patrol!  Some owners report drops of 25° on the engine temp gauge!