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Why Does Your TRUCK Get So Hot??? 2014-07-28T15:14:38+00:00

Trucks are WORKING vehicles, and whether pulling a heavy load or just idling, while sitting at a job site . . .

  • Truck engines get HOT!

  • For the first 80 years of trucks, the engine’s standard operating temp was 180°.

  • For the past 15-20 years, the standard operating temp. is now THIRTY DEGREES HOTTER — 210°! – ONLY TWO DEGREES BELOW the boiling point of water!!!  Man, that’s HOT!

    • This is due to your Fed. Gov’t.-mandated emissions controls.  Otherwise, no engineer in his right mind would run’ em that hot!   (Would you?)

    • 20+ years ago if your operating temp. hit 210°, you’d be in the red DANGER ZONE on your temp. guage, and cut off  your engine — to keep from warping the heads and burning it up!

    • Today, that’s where it operates — already in the DANGER ZONE!!!

    • If you have a Turbocharger, surface temps on it can exceed 1,000° F!

    • Problem No. 1 is the Turbo is usually mounted near the engine intake.

      • High intake temp means a less-dense air/fuel charge entering the engine — which means less  power!

      • Problem No. 2 is the Turbo is typically mounted close to the firewall — and directly  on the other side  of the firewall is the truck’s cabin!

        • The heat from the Turbo “heat soaks” into   the firewall, and heats that  up!

        • This radiates into the cabin, heating it  up!

        • This also heat soaks into the A/C compressor, A/C lines, A/C dryer and A/C system cooling controls, (all  in that over-HOT engine bay) making them HOT!  When they get HOT, you can’t expect them to cool very much!  Hot always yields Hot; Hot never  yields Cool!

        • You want to get that heat OUT!!!  (Those turbo-wrap things hold the heat IN!!!)

        • All these problems are multiplied for trucks, especially when they . . .

          • Haul/pull a heavy load, including trailers.

          • Sit on a job site with the engine idling while you call the office, revise your jobsite plans, calculate changes and all the other “office work” you do in the cab of your truck (for many,  the cab of their truck IS  their office!! In the summer, you want that “office” to be COOL!.


1)      Heat is the mortal  enemy of your truck. . . and YOU   (called “Driver Fatigue”)!!!

2)      RunCool  Hood Louvers , dollar-for-dollar, are the BEST WAY TO COOL HOT TRUCK ENGINES™, and everything else in the truck, including you!