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  • Don’t wrap your turbo – that builds even more-intense heat – and shortens its life!  Don’t keep heat IN . . . let it OUT!
  • RunCool® OuterCooler™ TurboCooler™ Hood Louvers are less than one-third the price of an intercooler!
  • “Dropped 26 degrees on the temp gauge!”
  • PHENOMENAL…a 47 degree drop in under-hood Temp!!!    – Police testing
  • Let the heat out  of your turbo! Hot air rises! LET IT OUT!
  • “The engine is much cooler. Thanks for a product that REALLY works!”
  • Desert tested and used by the U.S. Border Patrol!
  • Cooler running, better performance, more power, and longer engine/component life – pay for themselves over time!
  • Fit ALL vehicles! Professional-grade Aluminum. Made in U.S.A.!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed /30 day refund!
  • Call (804) 355-1758 for free advice or to order.


Size XXL on a W900 Kenworth

They Cool the Engine, the Intercooler, the Engine Compartment and the Cab!

“Instead of spending $600 or more for an intercooler, I went for giving the RunCool Hood Louvers a try and can honestly say that they more than met the expectations I had for them. . . Lowering the intake temperature has made a big difference in power output, A.C. efficiency, and my peace of mind. . . and have had numerous comments about how good they look.”

– Toby K., Del.

“They really get HUGE heat out of my diesel!!!  I’m impressed so much I just can’t stand it!!!”

– Ted R., Granite Falls, Wash.

“My GMC Top Kick (6.6 Turbo Diesel) runs 210˚ when working.  The engine compartment is so full of SXXT, no wonder it stays hot!  The heated air has no place to escape.  You’ve got to get it out or they will sit there and bake themselves to death.  Your hood louvers draw much air out when running.  The air is so hot you can’t hold your hand over the vent.  Engine temp dropped to 190 deg. and under the hood seems much cooler.  Now the air through the radiator, A/C, and intercooler can finally escape through your hood vents and not keep building heat in the intake system, so I’m building more power, which is obvious — especially when I pull an 8,000 lb. load.”

– “Cowboy” Stan G., Austin, Texas