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4 X 4’s, typically, see a combination of off-roading, towing, hauling and a variety of strenuous  uses regular  vehicles don’t encounter.

This “extra” duty can easily strain your 4 X 4’s cooling system, raising temps:

1)  In the engine

2)  Under hood

3)  And in the cabin.

That’s when you need RunCool Hood Louvers!  Hot air rises – let it out with our Desert-Proven™ Hood Louvers, as proven  and used  by the U.S. Border Patrol, Dept. of Homeland Security and many  off-roaders and racers across the U.S. and around the world!

Our Hood Louvers lower underhood temps by 47° (per police testing) and lower your operating temp – owners report drops of up to 27° on the engine temp gauge!

  • This means cooler intake temps – which yields more power, thanks to a denser intake charge.

  •  The cooler underhood temp means longer life for under-hood components – belts, hoses, sensitive relays and sensors, ABS Controllers – even the battery.

  • The lower operating costs mean RunCool Hood Louvers pay  for themselves over time!