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Why Does Your TRUCK Get So Hot???

Trucks are WORKING vehicles, and whether pulling a heavy load or just idling, while sitting at a job site . . . • Truck engines get Hot! • For the first 80 years of trucks, the engine’s standard operating temp. was 180°. • For the past 15-20 years, the standard operating temp. is now THIRTY [...]

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  K-9 vehicles have a number of special needs, but one involves life and death. We’ve all heard of instances where a K-9 Officer’s vehicle has been left idling, it overheated, the engine cut off, and/or the air conditioning quit working, and the K-9 Officer’s Partner died. We have also heard of--or experienced--days so hot [...]

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Law enforcement vehicles, in particular, are subject to high-temperature extremes under the hood. Heat is the mortal enemy of the engine and all the components under the hood.  Hot air rises, so let it out with patented RunCool® Hood Louvers! Increase vehicle reliability and performance (both of which are important for law enforcement vehicles) and [...]

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What Size Hood Louvers for TRUCKS?

What Size Hood Louvers for TRUCKS? With Truck Hood Louvers you can under-do it, but you can’t over-do it!  Heat under your hood is the mortal enemy of your engine and every component under the hood – you can’t get “too much heat” out of there! The bigger the better! You’ll never regret it!  Dollar-for-Dollar, [...]

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Heat Radiation is Your Truck’s BIGGEST CONTROLLABLE Expense (and you didn’t know it – or what to do about it – until now!) A hot-as-an-oven engine compartment (as all are!)  costs you – it is the Silent Killer and the Mortal Enemy of many aspects of your life in your truck – and you never [...]

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