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Test Report Date: 14 Apr 15



  • Test Vehicle: 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  • Engine: V6 – 3.8 L (European spec.)
  • Other changes made to the car during test: None.
  • Hood Louvers Tested: RunCool®, Size Med., Hi-Flow
  • Place: Autobahn, Germany (no speed limits)
  • Tester: Alex Graas (of Mamer, Luxembourg)
  • Experience Driving on Autobahn: “I drive often on the Autobahn at high speeds.”
  • Before: Problem Noted (w/o Hood Louvers): “Car starts to wander over 200KM/h (125 mph) and aero uplift.
  • Test Hypothesis: “Too much air under the hood that cannot get out therefore creates lift and drag (due to the ‘Umbrella Effect’).”
  • Goal: “Better and safer top speed.”

Test Results Report:

  1. “Now at very high speed, the steering is tighter and the car front is not feeling like it is getting ‘light’, due to reduced aero lift upfront.”
  2. “Top speed is better by 16 mph! – up from 240 kmh (149 mph) to 265 kmh (165 mph)”.
  3. “The engine temperature gauge is very slightly down.”
  4. “The airco
    [air conditioning] is much cooler!”
  5. “I can feel the extreme heat coming out [of the Hood Louvers] when I hold my hand over the louvers when idling at normal temperature.”

Tester Comments:

  1. “I really like the look of them.”
  2. “I am extremely pleased with your product!”
  3. “I do not understand why an OEM does not install them standard.”
  4. “If someone is not installing your louvers, that person will miss on cooler engine, cooler airco, better speed/mileage, better looks — for little money.”
  5. “Louvers are so important on the 4WD Hyundai Motorsport Turbo Rally Cars with air restrictor that limits HP to about 350 (w/o air restrictor the cars would produce well over 550 HP, with only 1.6L displacement, but turbo-charged), as the heat under the hood is the main issue, even more than the Umbrella Effect. With my car, the Umbrella Effect is way more important than the heat.”


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